Natural Hair Colors

Natural Hair Colors

Natural Hair Colors

Every women wishes to have natural hair color but not everybody does it. So using artificial colors may be offensive in some ways. Today there are many hair colors which you can dye your hair. But is it healthy?! Most of hair colors are full of chemicals and ammonia which causes damage to your hair and maybe also your head skin. If you have a pretty natural color everyone will like to have one like you. We are providing 4 ways on how to dye your natural hair color which is a way much safer than the fab colors do. So just keep natural!

4 Ways To Color Your Hair Naturally And Get The Highlights You Desire

Red Tones: Do a brew of beet and carrot juice and soak your hair in that for an hour or so, this will bring out the reddish highlights in your hair.

Brownie Tones: Soak your hair in coffee for 15 minutes.

Grey Hair: Whether you think that you have the most beautiful gray/white hair, and you would like to bring out some low-lights, we are giving a recipe to boil one-part dry organic Sage in four-part water, strain and massage into your hair, leave it there for 40 minutes then rinse. This should help your hair shine as well.

Blonde Tones: If you are interested on some blonde highlights just consider our example as necessary. Put some lemon juice in your hair and hang out in the sun to get that sun streaked look. You can also mix lemon juice with chamomile tea and massage into hair and then go outside. Depending on how often or more you do it, that more you will get highlights/lightness over your hair.

Hopefully, any of these tips helped you out to find a better way on dyeing your natural hair while you have a natural hair color!