Dark Brown Hair Colors

Dark Brown Hair Colors

Dark Brown Hair Colors










About Dark Brown Hair Colors

Brown hair, isn’t it beauty? It’s an amazing versatility. Your earthy base can be darkened into a rich mocha or lightened up to a warm beige – or turned into an eye – catching ombre shade in – between. But whatever color you choose, the best examples always have plenty of luminous shine.

6 Best Brown Ideas For This Fall


  1. Mahogany Brown

You will rock a mahogany brown bob with subtle reddish undertones. Mahogany is a delightfully rich reddish – brown that warms up any complexion, making it especially flattering for fair skin tones. If you have short hair, you can add extra reddish low-lights to your tips for a sexy final touch.

  1. Dark Brown With Golden Dip-Dyed Ends

Get a radiant and carefree look with long dark brown locks and golden dip-dyed ends. Give your chic and sophisticated dark locks a playful twist with golden tips that will brighten up your complexion. For a super-shiny locks like this, use a heat protection serum before styling your hair to prevent unnecessary damage.

  1. Dark Chocolate Brown

Adding a dark chocolate brown strikes your waves of hair and thick, full brows. Warm streaks of chestnut brown add vibrancy to your hair color, lifting your complexion and bringing out your deep eyes color.

  1. Chestnut Brown

You will look simply gorgeous with your chestnut brown bob. This lively brown hair color is playful and elegant, and we love the subtle high and low lights that give it an extra depth.

  1. Light ash brown

Looking fabulous with your light ash brown curls. This light brown hair color is romantic and feminine and it can soften any complexion. Pair your light ash brown hair with long, dark lashes and luscious cerise pink lips for a delightfully romantic final look.

  1. Dark Auburn Brown

Dark auburn brown locks styled in a chic half up hairdo look perfect. This rich brown hair color is classy and glamorous, and it suits both light and dark complexions. When you decide to change your hair color, always remember to dye your eyebrows to match.